Understand Your Financials

Knowing how your business is performing may seem like an easy task, but more than often SMEs can be misguided by indicators that don’t show the whole picture. Raw numbers only tell half of the story and even then they can be based on false data or even looked at from the wrong angles. Enters PayPie’s analytics and insights resources.

The Bigger Picture in a Glance

With PayPie, you can clearly identify the good and the not-so-good aspects of your financial reality in a comprehensive and realistic way. PayPie maps your entire financial histories and draws a panorama of KPIs, graphs, charts, and relevant data guiding you through what really matters.

Know What to Focus on

The results shown are not complex or hard to read even if you are just starting to pay attention to financial topics. Still, we made sure that you can take the best out of PayPie’s analysis by introducing invaluable insights alongside your business’ analytics. With them, you will see a clear written set of suggestions of how to improve your financials and of what areas to focus the most of your attention.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Your business’ finances will look as transparent as ever before so you can have peace of mind about knowing that your decisions will be guided by asserted and reliable information. Just sign up and connect your ERP or accounting software account to benefit from all that PayPie can offer. Enjoy PayPie’s analytics and insights features for no cost whatsoever, they are free to be accessed and used.

(This won’t impact your credit score)