Guide Businesses to Affordability

Accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers, and accounting professionals overall play an essential role in assisting businesses to maintain their cash flows healthy. More than often, accountants are the ones with the greatest ability to guide their business clients toward the most effective and affordable ways to improve their finances and that’s where the PayPie partner program for accountants comes to the table.

Benefit From Exclusive Revenue Shares

Our priority is to help SMEs achieve a sustainable cash flow in a fast, reliable, and transparent way, and accounting professional are our closest allies in this essential journey. Once you partner with PayPie, your clients will be enabled to apply for financing opportunities in the platform with guidance and confidence. You will then benefit from exclusive revenue shares at no additional costs to your clients.

Seamless Steps

Our processes are seamless and straightforward and our team will guide you and your clients through your entire partnership life. PayPie praises for creating affordable possibilities for SMEs and accounting professionals to thrive together and we are serious about it.

Safeguard Your Clients

SMEs constantly face situations in which instant access to cash flow is needed, regardless if there is an outstanding invoice to be paid or a new business opportunity on the horizon. For when the time comes, accountants can count on PayPie to help their clients get that soft financial cushion they need through safe and transparent ways.

(This won’t impact your credit score)