Guide Businesses to Affordability

It goes without saying that financial professionals, especially accountants and bookkeepers, play a huge role in helping businesses better manage, understand and leverage their financial information.

We respect how much you value the trust your clients place in you and it’s an honor to be considered a go-to tool for risk scoring, financial analytics and cash flow management. If there’s ever a way we can help you serve your clients even better, please let us know.

Benefit From Exclusive Revenue Shares

Our goal is to help businesses achieve a sustainable cash flow quickly, reliably and transparently — and financial professionals like you are our closest allies in this journey. In the end, a referral from an accountant or bookkeeper is many times more powerful than an online search.

Should your clients choose to sell their invoices, you will have the opportunity to benefit from exclusive revenue shares at no additional costs to you or your clients. The only information your clients will have to share to sell invoices will be their risk score and invoice details.

Trust in a Seamless Approach

Our processes are seamless and straightforward — and our team will guide you and your clients through your entire partnership life. We recognize how valuable your support will be in creating accessible and affordable insights and funding for to businesses everywhere.

We salute you for the leadership and advocacy you bring to your small to medium-size business clients each and every day. We will make it incredibly easy for you and your clients to love PayPie.

Offer Innovative Solutions

From actionable cash flow forecasting to risk scoring and cash flow management, we’re dedicated to providing foresight and peace of mind. PayPie brings you the tools you need to help your business clients gain a better awareness of their financial health.

And when your clients face situations where they need instant access to business financing — like when there’s an outstanding debt to be paid or a new opportunity on the horizon — you can count on PayPie to help them find that soft financial cushion they need safely and transparently.