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January 28, 2020
5 Financial Resolutions for Small Businesses in 2020

  The year 2020 has already arrived – and with it, a new decade and an exciting opportunity for a fresh start and new beginnings. […]

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Financial resolutions for small business in 2020
January 21, 2020
Personal Credit Score vs Business Credit Score: Everything You Need to Know

Photo by Pixabay The separation between a personal loan and a business loan can be painful for small businesses.  In general, experts recommend that you […]

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business credit score vs personal credit score
January 20, 2020
10 Experts Tips to Manage Your Small Business Finances

While you have to handle many different responsibilities as a small business owner, financial management concerns top of the list. If you want to expand […]

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Manage Small Business Finances
February 11, 2019
10 Cash Flow Questions Every Business Should Ask

Ideally, as a small business owner, you’ll know a lot about your company’s financials. But no matter how much time you spend deep in the […]

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financial ratios pointing out
January 22, 2019
How to Measure KPIs for Your Business

What are the metrics by which you measure your business performance? How do you know if you’re more successful than usual or falling behind? If […]

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how to measure KPIs
December 18, 2018
How to Put the Freeze on Business Expenses

During the holidays or any time of year, it would be great if you could run your company without spending a penny. But we’re not […]

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Freezing Business Expenses Hero
November 8, 2018
Is Creditworthiness a Real Thing?

The amount of financial jargon you see as an entrepreneur is dizzying. You’ve got to worry about your accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash flow, and […]

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creditworthiness handshake
November 1, 2018
What Your Cash Conversion Cycle Means For Your Business

Running a business is all about making investments of time and money in exchange for a return on your efforts. But, if it takes too […]

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cash conversion cycle
October 18, 2018
Determining Your Break-Even Point

Making a sale is exciting. Making lots of sales is even more exciting. Profit is crucial to business survival. No one goes into business to […]

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Finding Your Break-Even Point
October 16, 2018
Fixing Business Credit Report Mistakes

As a kid, few consequences were more frightening than the threat of having something go on your permanent school record. Any slip-up, large or small, […]

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Business Credit Report Mistakes Don't Add Up

A certificate of good standing proves that your business is compliant with regulations, taxes & fees. Here’s how to check your “good standing” status in any state.

Put an End to Your Cash Flow Problems