Access Fast, Affordable Funds

PayPie helps your business access fast, affordable funding safely and transparently. Once your accounting software account is connected and you get your unique PayPie risk score, you will have the opportunity to sell your invoices whenever you need to boost your cash flow.*

It’s an easy way to get the cash you need in your account — when you need it. We’ll also be there every step of the way to guide you through the process.

Finance Your Invoices

The financing application process is short and straightforward — so that you can solve any negative cash flow concerns as quickly and easily as possible. Once your application is approved, you can get started right away.

The information you’ll share will be your risk score and the details on the invoice you wish to sell. You will then be notified when a buyer is interested.

Access the Best Rates

Your business’ PayPie risk score — determined by the overall performance of your financial indicators over time — will play a key role in how your company is viewed. The better your risk profile, the better terms you’ll receive.

As we’re building a global marketplace of buyers, you’ll have access to a larger pool of purchasers for selling your invoices.

Take Control of Your Finances

PayPie gives businesses with a wide range of financial standings the ability to access the cash they need, when they need it. Whether your risk score is high, low or somewhere in between — we’ll provide the tools and insights you need to sustain your cash flow and grow your business.

A cash flow crisis can happen at any time, for any reason. Even profitable businesses will sometimes find themselves in a crunch. With PayPie you’ll have the tools you need to find a solution and take control of your business’ financial health.

Note: The businesses financing opportunities discussed above will be accessible shortly. To learn more, click on the button below and we’ll notify you when these services are available. *Currently, PayPie works seamlessly with QuickBooks Online and more integrations are coming soon.