Access Fast and Affordable Funds

PayPie helps your business to access fast and affordable funds with safety and transparency. Once your ERP or accounting software account is connected and you get your unique PayPie credit score, you become entitled to sell your invoices and turn them into real money in your bank account.

Finance Your Invoices

The application process is short and painless, while assuring that your business is ready to aim for higher financial goals in a secure manner. Once your application is approved, you will be eligible to directly finance your invoices for nearly-instant access to cash flow.

Best Financing Rates

Your business’ overall historical financial performance will play a key role in how high of a PayPie credit score you will get. Doing your best to make sure all the information you provide is accurate and reliable is essential for your business to be scored well, which will immensely reduce financing rates at the bottom-line.

Start Now and Improve Your Finances

PayPie offers access to financing opportunities for businesses with all financial backgrounds, so regardless of how healthy your finances are you can count on PayPie to help you get the ideal cash flow assistance you need. Start now and let PayPie help you improve your financials in no time.

Note: the businesses financing opportunities discussed will be accessible shortly. If interested, please click on the button below now and let us know for you to be among the first to be contacted once all opportunities are officially released. Thank you.

(This won’t impact your credit score)