Access Funds Whenever You Need Them

The invoice factoring industry is a $3 trillion behemoth. PayPie helps you access ways to transform all those countless invoices your have into real cash in the bank — instead of waiting for 30, 60 or even 90 days to get your invoices paid.

Common reasons for using invoice factoring include planning for seasonal peaks or other time-sensitive opportunities, meeting commitments that fall at the start of the month and other instances when you know the money’s coming in, but just not as soon as it’s needed.

Sustain a Positive Cash Flow

Nurturing a positive cash flow is crucial to the survival of your business and things get complicated very quickly when customers default on invoices and you have unexpected expenses. In fact, cash flow problems are some of the main reasons that businesses fail.

For example, 41% of business owners experience cash flow problems and only 1/3 get paid immediately for the products and services. Sound familiar? Combined with the challenge of getting accurate risk scoring, it’s no surprise that businesses struggle.*

Get Paid Faster

Invoice factoring is one of most efficient ways to solve a negative cash flow. It keeps you from having to wait months for a vendor to pay an invoice or worse, facing the risk of never getting paid at all.

Here’s how it works: When you place an invoice up for sale on the PayPie platform, a buyer will purchase your invoice rights at a slightly discounted value. You’ll then get your cash effortlessly and quickly.

Reach Invoice Buyers Worldwide

Make your business receivables work for you like never before. PayPie connects your business with a global network of invoice buyers who can choose to bid on your invoices — creating a free market with rates that are always as competitive and fair as possible.

Instead of being limited to a small sector of invoice purchasers, you’ll have better odds of securing funding, even if your financial standing isn’t at the place you’d like it to be. Once you start building a track record, it’ll be easy for everyone to see how you improve.

Note: The businesses financing opportunities discussed above will be accessible shortly. To learn more, click on the button below and we’ll notify you when these services are available. *Overcoming Cash Flow Challenges. SCORE Business Blog. June 6, 2017.