Get Funds at Your Own Convenience

The invoice factoring industry is a 3 trillion dollar behemoth. PayPie helps you transform all those countless invoices your business receives every month into real dollars in the bank. Instead of waiting for 30, 60, or even 90 days to get your invoices paid, PayPie facilitates transactions so your business can get funds whenever at your own convenience.

Sustain a Positive Cash Flow

Nurturing a positive cash flow is essential for any SME to survive. At the same time, the lack of cash flow is among the main reasons why companies go out of business. Things can get very complicated when your invoices get default and you have bills waiting to be paid.

Get Paid Faster

That’s why invoice factoring serves as the most efficient alternative for your business to keep a permanently healthy cash flow. Instead of waiting for months and facing the risk of never getting paid, just finance your invoices and have peace of mind to run your business.

Global Invoice Buyers

PayPie connects your business with Credit Hubs and invoice buyers worldwide that will bid to finance your invoices, which creates a free market assuring that rates are always as competitive as possible. The invoice factoring that PayPie brings allows you to put your own receivables to work on your terms like never before.

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