Connect Your Software

Getting started is as simple as creating a PayPie account, then connecting your accounting software. Currently, PayPie works with QuickBooks Online. Future integrations with other major platforms are also in development.

Once you connect your account, all you have to do is select the business (or businesses) that you want to analyze. It’s that easy and you can run a free assessment whenever you want to see how your metrics change over time.

Get Strategic Insights

Your business is more than the mere sum of your banking statements. With PayPie, the cash flow forecasting you receive will be more accurate and reflective of the full scope of your business’s financial health and current standing.

While it’s common to base financial assessments and risk scores predominantly on the money you have, the money you owe and your payment history, we also look at factors like your customer acquisition and retention rates as well as cash flow — for a more complete and well-rounded perspective.

See Your Data

One of the best ways to make information more accessible is to make it visual. This is exactly what our assessments do — using icons, charts and graphs to help show you what your numbers have to say about the factors affecting your cash flow and financial health.

Your cash flow forecast is presented in a clear way and the insights are shown alongside it. No complexities, no frivolities, no waste of time — just useful and relevant data that helps you get a more comprehensive of where you are and where you want to be.

Make Better Decisions

It goes without saying that the financial health of your business affects everything you do. If you don’t have the right information, it’s impossible to make the right choices to move your business forward.

This is one of the exact reasons we developed our cash flow forecasting capabilities. This information is free for you to learn from and take action by making calculated data-driven decisions.