There are two mandatory steps that you must take:
  • Step 1- Send 0 (it's a zero) ETH to our pre-sale contract address from your wallet address that you used to participate in presale

  • Step 2- Add custom token on your wallet

Directions below are for the MyEtherWallet, the wallet that was recommended for the token sale.

To complete step 1 you must:

  1. Enter " 0xf8a15b1540d5f9d002d9ccb7fd1f23e795c2859d " on the "To Address" field
  2. Enter " 0 " (it's a zero) on the Amount to Send field
  3. Enter " 250000 " on the "Gas Limit" field
  4. Enter " 0x48c54b9d " on the "Data" field (to enable "Data" just click on "+Advanced Data: Add Data"
  5. Click on "Generate Transaction" then just check to see if your transaction was sent

(FYI: don't enter any "quotation marks" on the fields)

If you are using MEW you are done and your tokens should show up already. If you are using a different wallet, please follow step 2:

  1. Click on "View Wallet Info" and then click on "Add Custom Token"
  2. Enter "0xc42209accc14029c1012fb5680d95fbd6036e2a0" on the "Address" field
  3. Enter "PPP" on the "Token Symbol" field
  4. Enter "18" on the "Decimals" field
  5. Click on "Save"

(FYI: don't enter any "quotation marks" on the fields)

And that's it! Your tokens will be automatically added to your wallet after that and you'll be good to go!

Thank you once again and have fun!

Security note 1: it's very unfortunate that a few people were victim of scams practiced by websites and/or people pretending to pass like our official website and team. Those websites are all FAKE WEBSITES! If you unfortunately ended up sending any ETH to them there is nothing that PayPie can do since this is something completely out of our control. As we mentioned several times, our only official website is

Security note 2: Seems like a few contributors did not follow directions and used some other wallet than MyEtherWallet thus limiting your ability to add a custom token. If you made a mistake, you will need to contact the support team of those wallets.