Challenging the Archaic Standards

One of the main pain points for business owners when applying for financing is to prove that they have a positive financial history through a high credit score. That’s often not possible for a good array of businesses and PayPie believes this is not necessarily their fault.

Achieve Accurate Scores

The majority of the already established credit scoring companies use inefficient methods to score businesses. Usually, their approach involves very limited information and outdate data, which directly impacts on the accuracy and reliability of the credit score they provide. And that’s why PayPie is disrupting the entire credit scoring industry with our unique credit score powered by blockchain technology.

Fully Automated Algorithm

PayPie’s fully automated credit risk assessment is done by a cutting-edge algorithm that analysis and rates businesses entire financial histories based on a multitude of data points derived from their accounting and finances. The score is takes into account near-real time data instead of outdated information. Everything from journal entries, debit and credit, bank account statements, average invoice size and payment rates, annual revenue, etc., is analyzed and scored in a matter of seconds. The entire process is free from start to end.

Build Your Own Winning Score

SMEs will get instant access to your unique PayPie Score and will become empowered to apply for business financing with an accurate and trustworthy credit score. PayPie brings the ultimate level of transparency and reliability with our PayPie score and businesses can leverage that to get the best financing rates on the market.

(This won’t impact your credit score)