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Your unique PayPie credit score is readily available as soon as you sign up and connect your ERP or accounting software account to PayPie. The entire process is free from start to end and it only takes seconds. Currently, PayPie seamlessly works with QuickBooks Online and a Xero integration is already in the works to be launched in the summer. Sage, FreshBooks, Netsuite, and others will also be implemented.

Your Score, Better

Your free PayPie score will empower your business with a higher grade of credibility and assurance, making it easier to apply for financing and to get the best rates on the market. Your score is based on near-real time data, meaning that you will be able to improve it on a daily basis.

Near Real-Time Accuracy

Your score will also serve as a good indicator for you to measure where your business really is in the financial performance ladder. Often, the credit scores assigned by the so-called more established credit assessors don’t really reflect the status of your business today and the results can be highly inaccurate. PayPie fixes the inconsistency issues thus enabling you to keep a good track of your credit progresses.

Benefit From the Best Opportunities

Like what you see? So wait no more and get your unique PayPie credit score for free now! It only takes seconds to empower your business for financing opportunities with the best rates on the market!

(This won’t impact your credit score)