Accounting-Based Data

Getting your unique PayPie credit score is incredibly simple. The entire process is free from start to end. Just sign up for PayPie and connect your ERP or accounting software account. Currently, PayPie seamlessly works with QuickBooks Online and a Xero integration is already in the works to be launched in the summer. Sage, FreshBooks, Netsuite, and others will also be implemented.

Holistic Financial Analysis

Right after your account is connected, PayPie automatically analysis your financial data and assigns you with a unique PayPie credit score. This analysis is based on a multitude of data points derived from your business’ accounting and finances. Everything from journal entries, debit and credit, bank account statements, average invoice size and payment rates, annual revenue, etc, is analyzed and scored in a matter of seconds. The score is yours to keep and to be used however helps you best.

Maximum Security and Reliability

The PayPie score is then hashed to the blockchain to create an encrypted audit trail for higher security and reliability. Businesses can than prove that their score is legitimate by showing how they’ve progressed with time in a transparent manner, choosing whom to share their data with.

Unleash Your Business’ Potential

In other words, the PayPie credit score is generated by simply fetching data from your financial histories and applying its automated credit risk algorithm for a tangible result. Your score is not final and can be constantly improved by applying best financial practices to your business, so you can always aim for achieving better rates and results in a sustainable manner.

(This won’t impact your credit score)