Technology Reinvents Cash Flow

Access New Global Sources for Liquidity

1- Connect Your Accounting Software

2- Build Global Credit Score of Your Business

Connect your ERP or Accounting Software to PayPie and build transparent Credit Score of your business anonymously on the blockchain that can be used to access fast & secure lending from global lenders.

Our proprietary technology perform credit risk assessment of your business based on the live financial data and more than 150 data points that truly define the success of your business. Smart contracts learn about your business from each lending activity and encapsulated knowledge assists you to access best credit terms from the global financial market players.

Invoice Financing

Unlock the cash tied up in your outstanding sales invoices and access funds within one business day. This is how the process works:

  1. Connect your accounting software with PayPie and let our revolutionary technology build globally trusted credit score of your business
  2. Select the outstanding invoices that you would like to get financed anonymously
  3. Global lenders participate in a timed auction to offer you competitive bids
  4. Accept the best rate and get cheapest funds possible
  5. Lenders collect the payment from the invoice debtor

Moreover, the best part, your outstanding invoices show up in PayPie next onwards automatically. Anytime you need quick access to cash, it is just one click away from you.

There is no need to upload invoices manually or upload financial statements of your business. We do not need any complex business plan or real estate collateral. Smart contract powered PayPie platform handles all the functions for you and eliminate the component of human error. Only limited information about your business is shared with the lender and you benefit from the trust and transparency brought by the blockchain.

Sign up for our short-list now and we’ll promptly inform you once we’re are ready to take live credit risk score of your business to the pool of worldwide lenders, first time ever powered by the reliability of blockchain technology.