Sign Up and Go

Your unique PayPie risk score is created as soon as you sign up and connect your accounting software. The entire process only takes seconds to complete and you also get a full range of actionable cash flow forecasting along with your score.

PayPie currently works with QuickBooks Online and future integrations with other applications are under development. There’s no cost associated with trying our assessment (it’s free) and there’s plenty to gain from getting a clearer picture of your company’s financial health.

Leverage Near Real-Time Accuracy

Because your PayPie risk score is tied to the data in your accounting software, as long as your entries are current, your score will be too. This also means that as long as your financial health indicators improve, so will your score.

There really isn’t another assessment that offers you a living, comprehensive view of your business finances. Most are incomplete, outdated the minute they’re created and difficult to update. Stay, up to date, in the moment and focused with PayPie.

Measure Your Success

In addition to defining your risk profile, your risk score will also serve as a solid indicator of where your business really is in terms of climbing the financial performance ladder. It lets you see which rung you’re on and tells you how to reach higher.

Because your analytics evolve as your information changes, like when you add new customers or receive a large payment, your near real-time assessment gives you a better, more accurate way to track your progress.

Define Your Future

Get the financial transparency and visibility your business needs. PayPie’s cash flow forecasting are free as part of our mission to empower greater business knowledge and efficacy. These tools are here for you to use to your advantage.

If short-term financing is an option that makes sense for your business, a more accurate risk score will also make it easier for you to access. When you’re ready to explore financing options, we’ll help make the process quick and seamless.