Get Started

Getting your free PayPie risk score is incredibly simple from start to finish. Simply sign up for PayPie and connect your accounting software. Currently, PayPie works seamlessly with QuickBooks Online and more integrations are coming soon.

By using the information that’s in your accounting software, PayPie quickly captures a picture of your business’ financial health in near real-time. As opposed to filling out a lengthy application or form that’s tedious and prone to data entry mistakes.

Create Your Risk Score

Right after your account is connected, PayPie automatically analyzes your financial data and assigns you with a unique risk score that’s part of a full business assessment. You’ll also be able to examine your financial ratios, cash flow, payables and receivables, income and expenses and more.

Once you connect your accounting software, you can run a free financial analysis as often as you’d like to create a more accurate picture of your financial health.

Trust in Security and Reliability

Your PayPie risk score is tied to the blockchain to create an encrypted audit trail for higher security and reliability. This also means that your score evolves with your business. If the rate at which your customers pay their invoices improves, so will your risk score.

As your risk score is your information, you’ll be the one who chooses who you’ll share it with. Parties external to the platform will need specific and individual approvals from you to be able to access your company’s financial assessment in PayPie.

Unleash Your Business’ Potential

Your PayPie risk score is more than just a benchmark of trustworthiness — it’s also your own personal indicator of your business’ financial health, letting you monitor your cash flow and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

You don’t have to be a numbers person to appreciate the value of seeing the big picture. Your financial assessment gives you the information you need to apply financial best practices and make strategic, fact-based decisions.